Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill

What Teachers Are Saying

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"Our school thoroughly enjoyed the Pickle Bumps presentations.  Bob and Jackie drew our younger elementary students into this engaging story.  Our school is focusing on diversity and bullying using Rachel’s Challenge National Campaign, so our children are exposed to Baby Dill’s message on a regular basis."

Laurie, East Central Elementary, Sandstone, MN

"The writing workshops for our upper elementary students were timely and “right on” with information that enriched our curriculum and addressed content needed to pass the MCAs."

Laurie, East Central Elementary, Sandstone, MN

"Mr. and Mrs. Fulton came to our school totally prepared for their two days of presentations to our students.  They are very pleasant to visit with and operate on an easy keel.  They interacted very easily with both staff and students.  Mr. Fulton’s presentations are professionally delivered, but not stuffy."

JoAnn, East Central Elementary, Sandstone, MN

"Clearly explaining how your book idea became a reality. I appreciated your warmth and gentle way of talking with our students. You involved the audience well."

Linda, Cold Spring Elementary

"Bob shared his book with the students in an age appropriate way, giving students a purpose for listening.  In addition to a great message about accepting differences, students were asked to analyze the story, the message and illustration techniques.  The kids were engaged and participated well.  Especially loved putting the 6th graders in the role of author/illustrator."

Beth, East Central Elementary, Sandstone, MN

"Your presentation was standards based and relevant for this age group. It delivered a meaningful message. The content of what you presented mirrored our learning objective for our book writing project."

Teacher, Becker Middle School

"Bob presented to the 6th graders at our school in preparation for their own children's book writing projects. Not only did this book create active discussion centering on diversity and inclusion, Bob's presentation was extremely beneficial in sharing how an author creates and expands ideas and carries the book writing through to publication. I highly recommend a Bob Fulton school visit!"

Julie, Becker Middle School

"Our students love Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill! It is always the first book picked from our shelf for silent reading time. The message in this book helped my students embrace their differences and their individuality. The unique illustrations draw the reader in and the clever characters and dialogue keep them entertained and wanting more."

Debra, Tiffany Creek Elementary School, Boyceville, WI

"Pickle Bumps for Baby Dill has become a ‘hot item’ in our Media Center! Students have been asking for the book all the time. The charming story and vivid illustrations make this book a welcome addition to the Media Center."

Diane, Cold Spring Elementary

"Thank you for creating a very special book that got us thinking about pickles and ourselves. The book became a springboard for discussions about relationships. As well as an inspiration for creating our own pickle stories!"

Karen, Prince of Peace Lutheran School, St. Cloud, MN

"Wonderful story with lots of good messages. Great presentation on how the book’s words and pictures came about. Good way to relate writing to kids! Very age appropriate!"

Terri, Cold Spring Elementary

"Great presentation – fun, appropriate and educational. The goals and purpose for writing fit right into what we discuss in the classroom. The students were totally engaged."

Jim, Cold Spring Elementary

"I appreciated the step-by-step instruction and explanation of the writing process, the illustrations, and the background for the story. A great way to teach kids about becoming an author/illustrator!"

Hokan, Becker Middle School

"This was a wonderful presentation that was directly on point with what I’ve been teaching.  My students are excited to be working on their own writing.  Absolutely terrific!  Thanks for coming here."

Susan,  East Central Elementary, Sandstone, MN